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Free CRM database solutions online

MSCC Corp has been a leader in web based CRM products for over 10 years and offers free CRM versions in both their products. We believe in creating the best product we can for our clients and offering it at a fair price for individuals to large companies. Both online CRM databases offer secure connections on all versions including the free CRM. Security isn't just for those who are paying, we safeguard our clients data and keep that as priority number one. Both products allow for you to run backups of your data at any time, after all, the data you enter is yours.

VAM dB is a web based CRM database for insurance agents helping them to track their leads and clients throughout the sales process and beyond. An integrated quote engine and forms library allow agents to have everything they need in one place, being better organized and able to focus on the sales. Don't miss an opportunity, VAM dB has full policy and commission tracking and will make insurance agents and agencies more efficient whether large or small.